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Our Vision and Premises

June 2021 Update: Becoming River Dee Medical Group

We are delighted to have been successful in our bid to become a group practice together with Torry and Carden Medical Practices. The new arrangement will allow us to run our own organisation, independently from the NHS Grampian management team who have looked after us for so long. 

This exciting development brings a number of opportunities however we do not anticipate there being any immediate changes to the way our patients access care or to the team delivering their care. We will keep you informed as things progress!

You can read more information in this letter from Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership.

Vision Statement

Camphill Medical Practice aims to provide a working environment where there is warmth and understanding. We take a holistic approach to healing using conventional medicine as the basis and extending this where appropriate to include the complementary use of natural AnthroMedicines, therapies and counselling which are available through the charity, Camphill Wellbeing Trust.


The Camphill Medical Practice is a small NHS practice, based in St Johns which is situated in the lovely grounds of the Camphill Community, Murtle Estate in Bieldside, Aberdeen.


Historically, the Camphill Medical Practice was a single-handed practice with a list restricted to the Camphill residents and their carers. In 2000 it was developed into a PMS/Section 2C practice and opened its doors to the wider local community. There are approximately 1900 patients registered with the practice. Two hundred and fifty patients have moderate to severe learning disabilities and/or chronic mental health problems and approximately 250 are carers. The remaining patients live in the local community.

Anthroposophic Medicine

Patients from other practices who are interested in anthroposophic medicine can be referred to the medical charity, Camphill Wellbeing Trust who offer an extended and integrated approach. There are approximately 400 referred patients.

To find out more, visit their website:

Letter for Patients on 2C Remodelling Outcome

A letter announcing the forthcoming changes to the management of Camphill Medical Practice

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